The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Chapter 10: Documentation

Example of envelopes which have been delivered to the palestinain postmasters

Examples of envelopes which were handed over to Pal. Auth. postmasters ,containing covers to be posted , with local postmark . Groups of covers were prepared and put into seperate smaller envelopes which in turn have been gathered into a large envelope and sent to regional postal officials . The smaller envelopes carried the name of post offices to which the inside covers were dirceted to be cancelled and posted The regional directors handed over the small envelopes to the relevant postmasters , sometime adding their own handwritting of covers included , on the envelopes .

Example 1

This envelope which was directed to the postmaster of Beit- Lahia , contained covers to be cancelled and posted . It received a transit postmark of Gaza -3 on 26.Sep.1995

Example 2

The envelope (containg covers) were intended to the postmaster of Beit-Hanun (Gaza Strip) . The covers were cancelled and posted with the local postmark . . On the upper left side of the envelope are handwritten figures in Arabic of plain and reg. covers which should be posted .

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