The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Chapter 3 : Research

Examples of envelopes with interesting features that shed light on the development of the Pal. Auth. postal services and the relations with Israel post

This chapter presents a number of articles which presents in depth one of the points related to the development of postal services of the Palestinian Authority . Articles are arranged in chronological order , according to the period in which they are engaged .

Implementation of the Oslo -A- agreement

Israel's closure of postal services as part of Oslo -A- accord [Link 1]
Where have the postmarks been applied on the First Day ? [Link 2]
How long did the Bridge type postmarks used ? [Link 3]
Machine postage which have not been operational [Link 4]

Exercise Oslo-B- Agreement

Israel's closure of postal services as part of fulfilling Oslo-B- [Link 5]
When did the metal postmarks introduced in the West Bank ? [Link 6] [Didn't found English]
Mobile post lines which did not became operational [Link 7]


The struggle against Israel's postal authorities [Link 8]
Palestinian Authority stamps sale [Link 9] 

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