The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Chapter 4 : Envelopes

Examples of envelopes with interesting features that shed light on the development of the Pal. Auth. postal services and the relations with Israel post (click on title or photo to enlarge)

Pal. Auth. post activity before 1. January 1995

Registered letter sent from Jericho on 28 De.1994

Registered letter sent from Jericho on 28.Dec.94 - another example

Running Pal. Auth. post in Gaza and Jericho

The Bridge type postmark applied on commercial postcard

Commercial cover franked with Israeli stamps

The opening of “Rafa Terminal” post- first day cover

Running of Pal. Auth. Post in the West Bank

The rubber and metal postmarks of Silwad ( Ramallah)

Relations with the Israeli post

Return of letters with Palestinian stamps

Hiding illegitimate stamps with valid stamps

Hiding illegitimate stamps with a sticker +cachet

Payment of Israeli postal fine by Pal. Auth. stamps

Service expansion and operation of new services

Letters sent to Arab countries

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