The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Chapter 8: Documents

Assemblage of original documents used for information presented in this study

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List of documents:

1) 13.Dec.1993 - notice to the public- 119/93 - Gaza strip @ Jericho postmarks

2) 3.May .1994 - notice to the public- 37/94 - (a) Introduction of new postmarks (b) Withdrawal of Gaza strip and Jericho postmarks

3) 8.May.1994 - An agreement to transfer postal authority to the Pal. Auth .

4) 15. May.1994 - Telephone interview with Mr, Abdullah Othman ,postmaster Jericho.

5) June.1994 - Offer to purchase a set of ‘Last Day’ postmarks covers

6) 14.Jun.1994 - Notice to the public 53/94-opening of ‘Adam Junction’ postal agency.

7) 13.Dec.1994 - Summary of meeting between representatives of the Pal. Auth. post and Israel Postal Authority .

8) 29.Dec.1994 - Notice with photos , by FAX , from Gaza about the introduction of the Bridge type postmarks .

9) 24.Jan.1995 - Letter from the Israel postal authority to the director of Pal. Auth. post-Gaza ,concerning the supply of postage franking machines .

10) 14.Mar.1995 - Notice to the public -35/95 instructions about addresses language.

11) 14.Mar.1995 - Description of meeting with a representative of the U.P.U . concerning the postal ties with the Pal. Auth .

12) 14.July.1995 - Notice to the public -93/95 Use of non-legal Pal. Auth. stamps .

13) 11.July.1995 - Notice to the public -94/95 Withdrawal of Israeli postmarks in the West Bank .

14) 22.Aug.1995 - Notice to the public -110/95 Withdrawal of additional postmarks in the West Bank .

15) 31.Oct.1995 - Report on matters discussed at simultaneous meeting between Israeli and Pal. Auth. post officials .

16) 2.Nov.1995 - Transfer of postal authority to the Palestinians as from 5.Nov.1995

17) 2.Nov.1995 - Guidelines about the use of (prohibited) Non-valid Pal. Auth. stamps .

18) 7.Nov.1995 - Notice to the public-130/95: the use of Pal. Auth. stamps .

19) 21.Nov.1995 - Notice to the public -133/95 : Use of VALID Pal. auth. stamps only .

20) 17.Sep.1995 - Notice to the public -114/96 : Closing of Mevo Aza post at -Erez check point terminal .

21) 8.Oct.1996 - Notice to the public -121/96: Address writing in Latin or Arabic language only to Pal. Auth territory .

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