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Wellcome to the site

My name is Dr. Josef Wallach and I am engaged in collecting,
documentation and study of Israels' modern postal history .
In the past I managed an Auction House and philatelic trade in the above mentioned Topics .
One of the main fields , where I focused , was the documentation of the postal history of the West Bank of Jordan and Gaza Strip .
These areas have undergone many changes since the end of the British Mandate over Palestine in 1948 .
For Example the West Bank came under the Jordanian rule 1948-1967 and later under Israel 1967-1994, and and since 1994 under Palestinian Authority rule .
Being active during this period , gave me the opportunity to document the changes and development of the post office systems in these areas first hand,
This resulted in the documentation of the changes in the postalsyste and activity during last 50 years in Israel and Palestine.
As a result of the 1967 "Six Day War” I worked for many years , studying and documenting
postal facilities in the new Israeli held Territories .. I visited personally most post offices
from the town of Qantara on the Suez Canal 1st Day activity to the town of Quneitra in the Golan heights .

This work resulted in a series of articles , monographs , book (The postal history of the West Bank 1948-1967)
and Internet Web ( The undercover mail connections between Israel held Territories and Arab States - 1967 on ) .
It was only natural for me to continue this research and documentation in the period which
followed the realization of the 1994 Oslo accords, as some of the areas became the
responsibility of the Palestine Authority. This was an opportunity of " once in a lifetime” ,
to document, in real time, the process of establishing postal services of a new State.
This Web site is based largely on my personal collection acumalated over the years .
Construction of the site was made in collaboration with Moshe Rimer .
He helped in designing the site as well as the research , organization , and writing of items to display on the Web.
This Web site would not have come to life, without the meticuolus and professional work of M. Rimer,
whom I recognize as a full partner in this creation.
I would also like to thank the officials and managers of the Postal administration of the Pal. Auth.
whom kindly fullfiled my telephone and written requests. It was by their assistance that enabled this study to become a reality .

What can you find on this site?
1. Home page of this site
2. Chronological description of the major events that occurred during the exercise of the Oslo B agreement and establishment of the Pal. Auth. post .
3. The main section of this work which concentrated the research products .
4. Show items from the collection divided according to the type of item .
5. Presentation of original documents which established the research work
6. Advanced Study
7. Description of the methodology in which the collection of items made possible . References to articles previously published in the philatelic press .

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