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Chapter 2: Oslo A & B MAIN


This article details the major events that occurred during the establishment of the Pal. Auth. and the realization of Oslo -A- and -B- , with emphasis on the events related to the operation of postal services responsible for the areas transferred to the Pal. Auth. responsibility . This article discusses the period that began in mid-1994 and ended shortly after the outbreak of the second Intifada in late 2000.

Implementation of Oslo -A- agreement

The first step in the establishment of the Pal. Auth. which is formulated in the OSLO accords , was agreed upon - gradually - during the 1st half of 1994 . The agreement transferred to the Pal. Auth. all Arab communities in the Gaza Strip in addition to the town of Jericho in the West Bank .
Closing of israeli post offices
The postal services had been given by Israel , since the Six Day War in June 1967 . Israel’s intention was to transfer the post offices to the Palestinians as a living , active body, so as to enable immediate and regular operation . However , it had not happened in this way. Palestinians sought first and foremost to disengage as quickly as possible from the sponsor of the Israeli Government and the work methods of Israel , preferring to be responsible for the post office even though they were not prepared to the regular operation . For this reason the post offices actually closed on the date of entry into force autonomy agreements and paralyzed their activities.

(see detailed article on the Israeli closure of post offices. [Link 1]

Palestinian postal activity during the interim period
As mentioned, with the closure of Israeli postal service and collecting the Israeli postmarks , the Palestinians were not able to provide postal services to their population .They on their part continued to send the majority of the mail by Israel post , both from post offices operating in Israeli settlements and new branches opened at the border of Palestinian territory

( see details in the linked article above.) [Link 2]

Palestinians post offices who had not in their possession postmarks nor stamps , focused mainly on the distribution of incoming mail forwarded to them by Israeli post . Some of the offices sent letters carrying Israeli stamps (or toward the end of 1994 , stamps of the Pal. Auth. ) which were cancelled manually . Arrangements toward operation of Pal. Auth. post offices stamp printing Selling stamps at post office counters ( partial sets: 40 Mils sites , 50 Mils eagles) preparing postmarks Discussions with the Israel Postal Authority
Running the Palestinian postal services
The official first Day Where was 1st Day cancelled

Inception of postal activity Absorbing metal postmarks When metal postmarks ( German made) were introduced

Gaza - 03.March.1995 Gaza - 19.March.1995 Jericho - 05.Feb.1995 Khuza’a - late Bridge postmark - 18.Jan.1996

Matching postage stamps with the spirit of Israel -Pal.Auth. accords Printing stamps with "Fils” overprints "Fils” overprints by rubber cachet - The "Jericho Locals”

Institutionalization and expansion of the scope of the service

Opening of additional post offices Additional post offices opened in 1995

Abasan 1.July.1995 ( F.D. cachet type -1-) El-Mughazi 1.July.1995 ( " " " ) Zawaida 1.July.1995 ( " " " ) Elkrara 2.Sep.1995 ( " " " ) Rafah Terminal 1.Oct.1995 ( F.D. cachet type -2-) Khan Yunes-2- 19.Oct.1995 ( " " " ) Signing of Oslo -B- Agreement

Closing of Israeli post offices in the West Bank Official last day of Israeli post : 2. Nov. 1995

Operation of Pal. Auth. post offices in the West Bank Sunday 8.Nov.1995 First day of Palestinian post ( postponed from the original date : 5.Nov.1995 due to the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin )

The rubber postmarks International mail delivery Signing the agreement with Israel The struggle over the mail delivery to Arab States Stamps matching the spirit of agreement with Israel Covering (hiding) non-valid stamps by blank adhesive labels

Introduction of metal (German made) postmarks in the West Bank Metal postmarks , made in Germany , were gradually introduced in the West Bank .

The metal postmarks were introduced during the months of Feb -March 1995 , They were probably first introduced in the major cities , and later in smaller localities .

Examples of the early use of the metal postmarks . Nablus - 25.Feb.1996 Additional examples

Institutionalization and expansion of the scope of the service in the West Bank

Opening of additional post offices Additional services and procedures Parcel post Change of forms mobile post office (Did not became operational) Doubling postal rates

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