The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Chapter 10: Documentation

Examples of envelopes which have been received from palestinian postmasters

Chapter 10 link -2- Examples of envelopes , containing ‘crops’ of returned covers , received from Pal. Auth. ostmasters Envelopes sent deliberately to NON-EXISTING addresses ,returned , in most cases to the “sender” , in one of the Palestinian post offices . As agreed in advance , the postmasters , kept the returned covers , and sent them , in one lump sum in large envelopes , to me . The larger envelope ( official mail heading - erased) , addressed to myself , sent from Jericho on 16.Jan.1995 , a week after the start of practical activity at the Jericho post office . The Israeli stamps on envelope were tied by the local Bridge type postmark .


On the back side of envelope, senders’ details : postmaster of Jericho


The envelope was posted on 2. Feb.1995 . The Israeli stamps were tied by the Jericho bridge type postmark . The large cover carries the Pal. Auth. official heading which was erased


the Jericho postmaster carries the date of 3.Apr.1995 . This time the Israeli stamp is tied by the NEW , German made, Jericho metal postmark . Once again an official Pal. Auth. cover was used and the print erased . The third envelope posted to me by

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