The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Chapter 10: Documentation

A Bridge type postmark used on commercial postcard

During the early months of 1995 , at the beginning of the Pal. Auth. post activity ,
the volume of mail was very small . In fact , a great percentage of the envelopes
made and posted in this period, were sent by myself . For this reason most
of the postal items, known today , which carry the Bridge type postmark ,
I had initiated their shipment . …………………and they are philatelic .

Attached postcard is one of the few examples known , which was sent commercially , during the early period of the Pal. Auth post . It is a tourist postcard which was sent on January 12 , 1995, from Jericho post , addressed to Jordan . According to the procedure , in effect at that time , mailing out of the Pal. Auth. territories needed Israeli stamps. Thus It carries Israeli (!) stamps (which were sold a Jericho’s post , alongside Palestinian ones ) and cancelled by The Jericho Bridge type postmark

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