The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Registered letter sent from Jericho on 28.Dec.1994 Chap.4a

The period between the closing of Israeli offices until the official First Day of the P.A. Post : ( 1 Jan.1995) , the post office functioned only partially .It was mainly engaged in distribution of incoming mail . Most of the period there were no stamps Nor postmarks , and when the stamps were received towards the end of 1994 , there still were No postmarks . Thus outgoing letters of this period are scarce .

The letter was sent by Registered mail on 28.Dec.1994 from the post office of Jericho

Stamps affixed to this envelope were canceled manually (pen) and posting date was handwritten . (postmark not yet available) .

As registration labels also were not yet available , the registration number was added manually (by pen) on the left side of the envelope . Upon arrival at Gaza , post the Jericho Reg. figure was covered by a local registration label : Gaza-6- Nr. 001012 . One can distinguish the handwritten pen Reg. of Jericho which peeps under the Gaza label . :

The envelope was sent to an addresse in the Gaza Strip . It arrived at the Gaza town sorting center on 3.Jan.95,(earliest known use of this postmark) three days after the official first day .

The Gaza -3- bridge type strike , was a transit cachet . Thereafter the letter was taken to the post office of Gaza -6- branch (postmark of 16.Jan.95) and later , returned to the sender , after another Gaza -3- transit postmark of 4.Feb.95 . . Finally arrival(-return) postmark of Rehovot on front . 

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