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Concealing Illegitimate stamps with valid ones chap. 4e

One of the stamps affixed on a registered letter sent on 18.June.1997 from the village of Awein , carried an illegitimate stamp according to the postal agreement .
To excercise the rules - not allowing this stamp - (see details in article ) The P.A. postal authorities COVERED the stamp with another legitimate one . Thus hiding the non valid one .

A closer look at the stamp with the figure of a woman dressed by folk dress , reveals that the stamp hidden underneath is from the Palestine "Stamp Over Stamp” 150 Fils one ..

It is easy to identify the hidden stamp with color stripes on the edge right side of it .

It is unclear how postal clerks paid for the stamp used to hide the illegitimate one and why they used a higher nominal value stamp than the original one .
The envelope was sent to the Gaza Strip and after the recipient not found , returned to sender through the Gaza Border office of " Mevo Aza” (Terminal)

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