The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Letters sent to Arab countries Chap. 4h

Pal. Auth. services offered their customers the option to send letters to various Arab countries , including those who did not have postal relations with Israel . The envelopes presented below were addressed to fictious addresses in different Arab countries in order to evaluate the quality of service and length of delivery time . In some instances one can , evaluate , through transit postmarks , which appear on the rear of cover ,, the routes they followed to their destination . For example a letter sent to Iraq VIA Jordan . Letter to Egypt sent from Qabatiya on 26.July.99

Letter to Iran - sent from Deir Debwan on 28,Dec.99

Letter to Iraq - sent from Gaza 7.May.2000

Letter to Saudi Arabia - sent from Ramallah 12.May.2001

Letter to Syria - sent from Ramallah 3.July.2001

from Kufel Haris 24.July.2001 Letter to Yemen - sent

and after the recipient not found , returned to sender through the Gaza Border office of " Mevo Aza” (Terminal) 

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