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Oslo -A- - Actual First Day - The envelopes


After the official 1st Day : 1.Jan.1995 , there has been a break of several days during which the postmarks were delivered from the Gaza center to all offices in Gaza Strip and Jericho . The actual or practical start of activity was 10.Jan.1995. The low Reg. numbers besides different Reg, labels rolls , than on 1.Jan.95 support the conclusion that on the 10th of January the post office counters started operation, and opened for public service .

Below is the list of offices with start actual operating day 10.Jan.1995 :

Gaza -2-
(1st Day 11. Jan.1995 ?)

Gaza -4-
(1st Day 9. Jan.1995 ?)

Gaza -5-
(1st Day 15. Jan.1995 ?)

El Buraij
10.Jan.95 (Reg. Nr. 3001, 1st label in 4th roll)

Beit Hanun
(1st Day 1. Jan.1995 Replaced: ?)

Bani Suhayla
10.Jan.95 (Reg. Nr. 3001, 1st label in 4th roll)

Jabalya -1-
10.Jan.95 (Reg. Nr. 1001 , 1st label in 2nd roll)

Deir El Balah -1-
10.Jan.95 (Reg. Nr. 1001 , is label in 2nd roll)

Khan Yunes -1-
10.Jan.95 (Reg. Nr. 1002 , 2nd label of 2nd roll)

Al Nuseirat
10.Jan.95 (Reg. Nr, 1001 . 1st label in 2nd roll)

Rafah -1-
10.Jan.95 (Reg. Nr. 1002, 2nd label of 2nd roll)

Shaikh Redwan
10.Jan.95 (Reg. Nr. 3001 , 1st label of 4th roll )

Jericho -1-
10.Jan.95 (Reg. Nr. 3023 , 23rd label of the 4th roll )

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