The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Chap. 6g

Oslo A (Gaza Strip) -later openings - envelopes


In the following years ,, additional post offices and agencies were opened , in the Gaza strip area . All these got the new metal type postmarks . At the same time they got a new , German made, metal type " First Day of issue”, with revolving date , postmark . Parallel list Oslo A (Gaza Strip) - later openings - postmarks

Abssan, Abasan 1.July.1995 Reg. Nr. 000001

El Mughazi 1.July.1995 Reg. Nr. 000002

Zawaida 1.July.1995 Reg. Nr. 000001

Khuzaa ( Kzazah) Sep.1995

El Krara 2.Sep.95

Rafah Terminal 1.Oct.95 Reg. Nr. 000001

Khan Yunes -2- New branch 18.Oct.1995 Reg. Nr. 000002

Rafah -2- 14.Apr.1996 Reg. Nr. 000001

Jabalya Camp - Rubber postmark 13.Sep.2000

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