The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Chapter 2b -1-

Oslo -A- - The official last day of Israeli post . 17.May.1994

A. The official last day - Original metal postmarks


Upon signing the Oslo -A- agreement, it was decided that the "Official LAST DAY” of Israeli post , will be on the 17th of May.1994 - although practically , it was terminated x2 weeks earlier on 4.May.1994 . In Jericho the LAST DAY was set for 9.May.1994 , the actual closing date . Israel Philatelic Services offered collectors , interested in the "LAST DAY” postmarks , to send their envelopes, ahead, to the superviser on postal affairs (1) in Judea and Samaria and (2) in Gaza Strip . Most postmark devices used , were collected from shutdown offices . Most were in proper shape , and could had served the cancellation of collectors envelopes . Yet, part were found broken or worn up . As to enable clear and clean strikes -philatelic service decided to prepare a set of new copies of all postmarks in the form of casted hard rubber cancellers , in which the date was fixed (not changeable) on : 17.May.1994 In addition the Phil. Services offered to the public to buy a set of x22 official envelopes carrying the LAST DAY postmarks of offices closed (click to read text of ‘notice to the public’) ) The postmarks on these envelopes were PRINTED by a Printing Press and not by hand cancellers . This option of "PRINTED” postmarks was also available to dealers . List of postmarks: Gaza-4-, Gaza-5- , Gaza-8- , Gaza-9- , Gaza-11- , Gaza-12- , Beit Hanun-1- , Beit Lahia-1- , Bani Suheila-2- , Jabalya -2- , Deir El Balah-2- , Khan Yunis -3- , Rafiah Terminal , Industry centre -Gaza , Nuseirat-2- , Mobile Post/ Qeta Aza , Rafiah -1- , -2- and -3- Sheikh Redwan , Jericho .

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A. The official last day - Original metal postmarks
B. The official last day - rubber casted postmarks
C. The official last day - Printing press postmarks
(A) Oslo -A- The official last day of Israeli post - Original metal postmarks

Gaza 4

Gaza 5

Gaza 8

Gaza 9

Gaza 10 - The Postmark was stolen

Gaza 11

Gaza 12

Beit Hanun 1

Beit Lahia

Bani Suheila 2

Jabaliya 2

Deir El Balah 2

Khan Yunis 3

Rafiah Terminal

Industrial Centre - Gaza Strip

Nuseirat 2

Qeta azza - Mobile Post Office

Rafiah 1

Rafiah 2

Rafiah 3

Sheikh redwan 1


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