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The stucture of registration labels coil


The structure of Registration labels coils

Until recently ( before the appearance of registration labels based on computerized barcode reading ) , it was customary to use adhesive reg. labels , which the clerk had stuck to the envelope . The number which appeared on the Label was handwritten on a receipt which was handed over to the sender, and kept at the office for tracking after the delivery of the Reg. letter . It was customary to print the labels in rolls including 1000 labels each . The first coil number began with 0001 and ended with the number 1000 , the 2nd coil begun with the number, 1001 and ended with the number 2000 and so on . PHOTO -full coil of Reg. labels

Example of registration labels coil of Isr. post " Industrial center Za'hal"
it contains 1000 labels ,numbers between 3001-4000 ,
and thus is the 4th coil in the series .

Example of Reg. labels coil of the Israeli post office " El Buraij”.
it contains 1000 labels , numbers between 4001-5000
and thus the 5th coil .

Postal officials use the labels in the order they appear in the coil. It was also common to use one coil at a time . However there was no rule in what order to use the different coils , and it is quite common that , for example , the 3rd coil ( contains Reg. Nrs. 2001-3000) was used before the 2nd coil ( Reg. Labels Nrs. 1001-2000) . Examination of registration labels used in the mail within a few days , or even weeks allows us to study the volume of mail posted at the office , and a lot more , as will be presented in the appropriate section . 

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