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Chapter 3c

How long were the Bridge type postmarks used ?


On 29.Dec.1994 the central post in Gaza sent a fax in which the new postmarks, which will enter into use on 1.Jan.1995 , were presented . In this 15 ridge type postmarks were shown and an additional postal franking machine type

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In addition to the postmarks described in the Press release , two new devices , Gaza -3- and Gaza-4- were introduced at the begining of Jan.1995 at Gaza central office .

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The use of the postmarks

Since the begining of 1995 the Bridge postmarks entered into regular use as delivery (posting) , arrival and transit stamps . In addition they can be found on variety of receipts, forms etc.

Replacement of the Bridge type postmarks with metal ones

The Bridge type postmarks , probably produced in Egypt, were provisional and used for a short period of 2-3 months . At the begining of Feb.1995 , they were gradually replaced by excellent quality made ones , produced in Germany

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At each post office either in Gaza Strip or Jericho the metal postmarks replaced the Bridge type one,
which was never used again ( Besides two exceptions , 5 years later , for philatelic purposes ) .

It is unknown if the Bridge type devices has gone to a central archive or remained at post office backroom .
It can be assumed that there was a delay in the supply of the ordinary metal postmarks ordered in Germany .

Therefore , to reach the formal announced date of 1.Jan.1995 ,
the Egyptian Bridge type postmarks were hurriedly ordered for the Interim period .

The case of Khuza’a post office

On 18.Jan.1996 a new Bridge type postmark was introduced at the village of Khuza’a in the Gaza Strip .
The probable explanation to this exceptional move , introduction of a Bridge type postmark, is given below .

The metal type postmark prepared in Germany was wrongly spelled : "KZAZAH” instead of Khuza’a
As a result, the wrong spelled device, was replaced after a short time , by the correct spelled version , which was of the Bridge type one .

This is the only and unique case in which a Bridge type postmark became the permanent office device .
It was only replaced ten years later, in 2006, , as many other postmarks, by a new device . 

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