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Chapter 3f

When did the metal postmarks introduced in the West Bank


On 8. Nov.1995 , The post offices in the West Bank area all opened to the public As part of the Oslo -B- agreement . All 36 (!) offices used rubber type postmarks of the same design . The original date was set for 5,Nov.95 , but was postponed due to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin the Israeli Prime Minister , on the evening of the previous day - 4.Nov.1995 .

Postmarks usage

Circular rubber postmarks used for a variety of functions, both as posting cancellations , transit and arrival ones . In the big Towns additional postmarks, with higher indices were introduced, i.e Nablus 1, 2, 3,, 4 . The postmarks can be found on Receipts , forms , parcel post etc.

Introduction of Metal postmarks

In the months February-March 1995 , High quality , German made, metal postmarks were gradually introduced .

List of Metal Postmarks

Rubber postmarks remained in use alongside the new metal ones ( see review in this link ) The use of the (provisional ?) rubber postmarks continued and in some offices even new type of rubber postmarks were introduced in later years . 

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