The establishment of the Palestinian Authority post

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Sale of the Palestinian Authority stamps

Palestinian Authority stamps , printed in Germany, were sold directly by a German agent who represented the printing press AND by the Pal. Auth. postal facilities . For some reason not all the stamps that were printed were offered at post office counters . Two of the early stamps could be purchased only from the agent in Germany . Thus collectors could not buy complete sets at the post office counters but from the agent or other philatelic channels .

First stamps of the Palestinian authority

The above mentioned policy was implemented on two of the first series of stamps issued in 1994 .

One was of the eagles with nominal value of 50 Mils

The second is eagles with nominal value of 250 Mils

The third was of the Landscapes series with nominal value of 40 Mils

When I discovered that one can not buy these stamps at the P.A. post office counters , I decided to post several envelopes with the "missing” stamps and thus to have them used on covers and posted through the mail . Due to the envelopes I posted with the above stamps , one can find them used at different periods .
Below are some envelopes as examples :

Use of the eagle 50 Mils stamp and the 250 Mils stamps:

Use of the Landscapes 40 Mils stamp:

use of the two stamps on posted cover:

Christmas series of the year 2000

The series of stamps , issued in December 1999 ,, to commemorate " Christmas 2000 " , was issued in two editions , which only one of them sold over the P.A. postal counters . Usual stamps were printed in four colors :

Festive stamps which were printed in Five colors , including silver .. Additional silver color print appears only on the right stamps side of the sheetlets . . The upper right stamp with a silver denomination and the lower right with a silver spot added to the "signals” on the right margin . This edition was NOT available for sale at the P.A. postal counters .

A comparison of the location of the "signals” points , printed on the lower right margin of the sheet , suggests that this is not a silver overprint added to some of the print edition . If that was the case, , the usual four points would appear in the same position on both issues . For the silver edition entirely new plates were prepared .

An example of the First Day cover of the regular stamps .

An example of the First Day cover of the stamps with the "Silver” color

The stamps issue of which their official 1st day was 8.Dec.1999 , began to be sold at Pal. Auth. postal counters , a few days earlier , allowing preparation of local "First Day” covers already on 4.Dec.1999, four days earlier than the German made printed FDC’s .

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