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Registered letter sent from Jericho on 28.Dec.1994 Chap.4a

The rubber stamped , "Jericho Locals” stamps Chap. 5h Changing the currency of stamps , using a rubber stamp Due to the promise of Israel P. M. to approve the stamps after change of the currency by an overprint i.e. Fils instead of Mils , The Pal. Auth ordered in Germany a reprint of the early issues of stamps , with an overprint of " FILS " currency . These series of stamps appeared on 10.Apr.1995 .

As a safety measure , in case the revised stamps will not appear in time , the P.A. prepared a small rubber cachet bearing the word " Fils:” . The intention was to apply this cachet manually on existing stock of Mils stamps .

Eventually the stamps appeared in time , and NO need was to use this handstamp . However the postmaster of Jericho applied the Fils cachet on some of the Mils issues as a gesture . They are tilled or named " The " Jericho Locals” . Some of them were posted at Jericho and Gaza Strip post offices . . They appear in three colors : Violet , red, and black . They were accepted for postage at all P.A. offices and went through Israel (for overseas) without objection .

The rubber handstamp "Fils” was applied on all stamps w that were in effect at the begining of 1995 , including the series of Flags, Eagles, Landscapes and the Peace agreement s/s The rubber handstamped "Fils " series exist in three colors : Violet , Red , and Black . We will describe, in Detail , hereafter the Violet series one : . The three rubber cacheted - Fils- " Jericho Locals” overprints: Red rubber cachet Red rubber stamp - Flags series Red rubber stamp - Official Eagle series red " " - Landscapes series red " " - peace agreement S/S Violet rubber cachet Viol. rubber stamp - Flags series Viol. " " - Officials Eagle series Viol. " " -Landscapes series Viol. " " - Peace agreement S/S Black rubber cachet Black rubber stamp - Flags series Black " " -Officials Eagle series Black " " - Landscapes series Black " " Peace agreement S/S Of the three colors above We will describe in detail the VIOLET " FILS”: series of stamps The Flags series of stamps -currency change - Violet cachet ( Remark : Reduce 2 page into ONE page )

125 Mils

150 Mils

250 Mils

300 Mils

500 Mils

The ( Officials) Eagle series of stamps - currency change - violet cachet

50 Mils

100 Mils

125 Mils

200 Mils

250 Mils

400 Mils

The Landscapes series of stamps - currency change - Violet cachet

5 Mils

10 Mils

20 Mils

30 Mils

40 Mils

50 Mils

75 Mils

1000 Mils

Souvenir sheet " Peace Agreement”
-currency cange- violet cachet S/S 750=359 Mils

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